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Lozano Smith Foundation

Mentoring Program Award

This recognition program aims to promote the good works of student-based mentoring programs throughout high schools in California. The award recognizes school districts and individual schools who exemplify all aspects of mentoring through established programs – from helping students enhance personal, academic and leadership skills – to ensuring an inclusive, positive school environment.

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Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute (CVELI)

The Lozano Smith Foundation is the singular legal partner with CVELI. The Foundation directly supports CVELI’s core leadership programs, including the Rural School Districts Network, Middle Leaders Program, REAL and Community College Leadership Academic Seminar Series. These programs support leaders with leadership skills designed ensure the achievement of all students, help middle leadership with team-building and creating positive work environments, and preparing CVELI members for new leadership roles.

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Center for Leadership, Equity and Research (CLEAR)

The Lozano Smith Foundation is pleased to partner with CLEAR in its mission to eliminate barriers which impede educational opportunities and outcomes. The Foundation is proud to sponsor CLEAR’s Youth Mentoring Program, Mentoring Cohort Program and its Annual Mentoring Summit.

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Superintendents Academy

ACSA’s intensive seven-weekend academy for superintendents offers an excellent forum for new or aspiring superintendents to develop the fundamental skills needed to effectively lead a California school district. The Lozano Smith Foundation believes in the mission and partners with ACSA to host and teach workshops at various locations throughout the state.

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